Ed Heckerman
Walkstreet #1Walkstreet #2Walkstreet #3Walkstreet #4Walkstreet #5Walkstreet #6Walkstreet #7Walkstreet #8Mermaid Door PullsMarco Place MailboxPotted PalmCracked Sidewalk and Picket FenceSpiral WireGod Bless All Nations MailboxWalkstreet ResidenceDrooping FlowerCeramic FountainHanging Lantern
The Walkstreets of Venice
2016 - 2017
The Walkstreets of Venice is a collection of photographs made on or near a few narrow streets in Venice, California which are for pedestrians only, with cars relegated to the alleys and surrounding streets. Over the years I have watched the humble bungalows morph into pricey modern and post-modern dwellings. The early Twentieth Century utopian urban planning of the neighborhood nevertheless stubbornly persists. The work is not so much a documentary of the impermanence of this charming neighborhood as it is a visual poem that presented itself, piece by piece out of the dozens of walks I took there.