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Illuminations on Perception:
A Brief Synopsis

Sense object, sense faculty, and sense consciousness come together to produce a momentary perception. If we hold to the beholder of phenomena as real, we are deluded. If we hold to that which is beheld as real from its own side, we are deluded. All things arise in dependent origination, which is to say, everything depends on many conditioned factors and nothing exists independently in isolation. Conventionally form and color arise in dependence on causes and conditions, however, ultimately they do not exist as discrete entities. Emptiness is in form; form is in emptiness. Thus have I heard. Emptiness is not only inseparable from appearance, but also clarity and bliss. This is the basis of the diamond vehicle. We use myriad skillful means such as mantra, visualization, yoga, and so forth to identify with unlimited deity wisdom energy free of reification. Our limited conceptions are liberated with clear awareness grounded in the present moment. Letting go of acceptance and rejection we learn to abide with whatever presents itself without the need to modify it. Resting in clarity we enter spontaneously present luminosity. Engaged with the world we practice uncontrived compassion. When grasping to sense objects is set free, the gift will be received, as non-dual wisdom awareness rests beyond the aggregate of perception.

The known is quantifiable; it has definite limits. The only possibility for breakthrough is the unknown that transcends knowledge and perception. Let go of ideas and stuff and cease all notions. Reconsider what the accumulation of merit and wisdom really means.

Illuminations On Perception, 2021