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A Simple Offering

Given that the "I" is but an illusion
Why all the fuss about pictures?

At one point the "I" decided to take pictures seriously
To become knowledgeable about them
To be adept at speaking about them
To make a career of it
The "I" even felt the need to explain the significance of his own work

What is this "I" trying to prove?
Why does it make life so complicated?

Mastery always seems a distance away
But if that's the goal
Is it for praise
For attention
To command a degree of respect
Or to penetrate the music of effortlessness?

Today the "I" came back exhausted and empty-handed
Not a single exposure in the bag
Just these unfinished words
A simple offering
And that
Pray tell
Is enough.

Big Sur

A Simple Offering, 2002